Easy DIY Bird Feeder Projects - 20 Creative Ideas to Welcome Backyard Birds
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DIY Delight: 16 Creative Bird Feeder Projects to Attract Feathered Friends

By Edward | 05 September 2023 | 0 Comments
Explore 16 fun and easy DIY bird feeder projects, perfect for all skill levels. Attract colorful feathered friends to your backyard with these creative and eco-friendly ideas.

Attracting a symphony of chirps and whistles to your backyard can be as simple as providing a delightful feast for your local birds. Bird feeders, whether store-bought or handmade, create an inviting space for these feathered friends, and offer you the joy of birdwatching right at home. But why not take this a step further by creating your own DIY bird feeders? This isn't just a great opportunity to craft something beautiful; it's also a chance to engage with nature in a unique way.

1. Pinecone Feeders

Materials Needed: A large pinecone, string or wire, peanut butter, birdseed.

Making Process: Attach a string or wire to the top of the pinecone to use as a hanger. Spread peanut butter all over the pinecone, making sure to fill the crevices. Roll the coated pinecone in birdseed until fully covered. Your pinecone feeder is now ready to hang in a suitable spot.

2. Milk Carton Feeder

Materials Needed: An empty milk carton, non-toxic paint, a knife or scissors, a wooden dowel or stick, string or wire, birdseed.

Making Process: Paint the milk carton and let it dry completely. Cut large openings on opposite sides of the carton. Under each opening, attach your dowel or stick to serve as a perch. Punch a hole at the top of the carton and run a string or wire through, knotting it securely for hanging. Fill with birdseed.

3. Orange Peel Feeder

Materials Needed: An orange, a knife or spoon, string or twine, birdseed.

Making Process: Cut the orange in half and scoop out the fruit. Carefully pierce three evenly-spaced holes near the top of the peel. Thread your string or twine through the holes and knot the ends together to form a hanger. Fill the peel with birdseed and it's ready to hang.

4. Bottle Feeder

Materials Needed: A clean, dry plastic bottle, two wooden spoons, a length of wire or string, birdseed.

Making Process: Make pairs of holes opposite each other at various heights along the bottle, ensuring one hole is larger for the spoon to pass through and the other smaller for the spoon handle to rest. Insert the spoons to serve as perches and seed dispensers. Fill the bottle with birdseed, secure the cap, and attach the wire or string around the neck of the bottle for hanging.

5. Mason Jar Feeder

Materials Needed: A mason jar, a chicken feeder base, heavy wire, birdseed.

Making Process: Fill the mason jar with birdseed. Attach the chicken feeder base to the jar opening. Wrap the wire securely around the neck of the jar, twist the ends together above the jar to create a hook. Your rustic mason jar feeder is now ready to attract birds.

6. Tin Can Feeder

Materials Needed: A clean tin can, non-toxic paint, a wooden dowel, string or wire, birdseed.

Making Process: Paint the tin can and let it dry. Drill a hole on the side of the can, near the bottom, to insert the dowel for a perch. Punch a hole in the top for hanging. Fill the can with birdseed and hang using the string or wire.

7. Egg Carton Feeder

Materials Needed: An egg carton, non-toxic paint, string or twine, birdseed.

Making Process: Cut an egg carton in half. Paint it in a design of your choice and let it dry. Punch holes in the four corners, then thread string through each hole, bringing the ends together at the top to form a hanger. Fill each compartment with birdseed and hang.

8. Coconut Shell Feeder

Materials Needed: A coconut, a knife or saw, birdseed or suet, rope or strong string.

Making Process: Cut a coconut in half and remove the coconut meat. Drill a hole on each side of the top of one half of the shell. Thread a piece of rope or string through the holes and tie a knot at the ends to create a hanger. Fill with birdseed or suet and hang from a tree branch.

9. Plate and Bowl Feeder

Materials Needed: A plastic plate, a plastic bowl, waterproof glue, string or twine, birdseed.

Making Process: Glue the rim of the bowl to the bottom of the plate. Allow the glue to dry completely. Drill three evenly spaced holes around the top edge of the bowl. Thread string or twine through the holes and tie together at the top to form a hanger. Fill the plate with birdseed and hang in a suitable location.

10. Window Feeder

Materials Needed: A shallow container, suction cups with hooks, birdseed.

Making Process: Attach the suction cups to the outside of your window. Ensure the container's size fits the distance between the suction cups. Fill the container with birdseed and hang from the hooks of the suction cups. This allows for close-up bird watching right from inside your home!

11. Popsicle Stick Feeder

Materials Needed: Popsicle sticks, glue, string, birdseed.

Making Process: Start by laying down four popsicle sticks to form a square and glue them together. Once dry, glue popsicle sticks across the square base to create the floor. Begin stacking and gluing additional popsicle sticks on the edges of the base to create walls. Continue this process until you have a box shape. Drill a hole in two opposite upper sticks, thread a string through and tie a knot to form a hanger. Fill with birdseed and hang it up.

12. Cookie Cutter Feeder

Materials Needed: Birdseed, unflavored gelatin, cookie cutters, straw, string or ribbon.

Making Process: Dissolve gelatin in hot water and stir in birdseed until well-coated. Arrange cookie cutters on a wax paper-lined baking sheet and spoon the birdseed mixture into them, pressing firmly. Poke a hole near the top of each shape with a straw for the hanging string. Let them harden overnight, then remove the cookie cutters and thread string through the holes to hang.

13. Pumpkin Feeder

Materials Needed: A small pumpkin, knife, birdseed, twine or string.

Making Process: Hollow out the pumpkin and remove all seeds. Thread a piece of twine through two opposite holes near the top, tying a knot to form a hanger. Fill the pumpkin with birdseed and hang it up.

14. Cereal String Feeder

Materials Needed: O-shaped cereal, twine or cotton string.

Making Process: Thread the cereal onto the twine or string until it's filled, leaving enough room at the top to tie a loop for hanging. It's so simple, even children can make it. Plus, it can double as a festive outdoor ornament.

15. Terracotta Pot Feeder

Materials Needed: Small terracotta pot and base, non-toxic paint, strong waterproof adhesive, birdseed, string or rope.

Making Process: Paint the terracotta pot and base in your desired colors or designs and let it dry completely. Adhere the base to the bottom of the pot using the strong adhesive and allow it to cure as per the adhesive instructions. This will create a ledge for the birds to perch on while feeding. Thread a piece of string or rope through the hole in the pot and knot securely. Fill the pot with birdseed and hang it in a tree or on a hook.

16. Gourd Feeder

Materials Needed: A dried gourd, a knife or small saw, sandpaper, non-toxic paint or varnish (optional), birdseed, twine or wire.

Making Process: Clean the outside of the gourd, then cut a hole in the front large enough for a bird to fit through. Hollow out the gourd and smooth the edges of the hole with sandpaper. If desired, paint or varnish the gourd for added weather resistance and visual appeal. Once everything is dry, fill the gourd with birdseed. Tie twine or wire around the stem of the gourd and hang it from a branch or hook.

Roll up your sleeves, channel your creativity, and let's bring some feathered friends to your outdoor space. Your efforts will not only result in a charming addition to your yard but also a safe and reliable food source for our often underappreciated avian friends. Happy crafting!


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