Should I Keep Your Trail Camera Running All Year?
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Should I Keep Your Trail Camera Running All Year?

By Scott | 28 December 2023 | 0 Comments

For us hunters and outdoor aficionados, trail cameras are more than just gadgets – they're our eyes in the wild, our partners in tracking the elusive game. Often perched silently in the woods, these cameras capture the raw, unfiltered life of the wilderness. Should these vigilant watchers, our trail cameras, stay on duty throughout the year?

Some hunters pack up their trail cameras after the hunting season wraps up, mainly to keep them safe from theft or weather damage, and also because there's no need to watch for animal movements anymore. Many hunters choose to keep their trail cameras up all year round, even after the hunting season ends. They find these cameras useful for continuous monitoring of wildlife movements, which can be helpful for future planning. 

What to Consider if Running a Trail Camera All Year Round

Maintenance and Durability

Running a trail camera throughout the year requires attention to its maintenance and durability. Weather conditions and interactions with wildlife can wear down the camera. For instance, animals might curiously knock the camera off its position, leading to amusing captures but also highlighting the need for sturdy mounting and protective housing. Regular checks and cleaning are essential to keep the camera functioning optimally.

Battery Life and Power Solutions

Battery life is a critical factor when operating a trail camera all year. Standard batteries may drain quickly, especially in colder weather or with frequent use. Exploring sustainable power options, like solar panels, can be a practical solution. Solar-powered units or external solar chargers can significantly extend the life of your camera in the field, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.

Data Storage and Management

A year-round operation will result in a large volume of images and videos. Efficient data management is crucial. Investing in high-capacity memory cards and having a routine for data transfer and backup are important. Additionally, using software to help sort and analyze the footage can make managing this data more manageable, ensuring you don't overlook any significant captures while avoiding being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content.

Connecting the Seasons: The Year-Round Value of Trail Cameras for Hunters

Understanding the rhythm of the wilderness is key for any hunter, and trail cameras provide a unique window into this world throughout the year. The changing seasons bring new chapters in the lives of the wildlife we pursue, and by keeping our cameras running all year, we gain invaluable insights into the ecosystems we are a part of.

In the vibrant spring, we see the renewal of life – deer nurturing their young, turkeys displaying their grandeur. Summer brings growth and learning, with young animals exploring their world. As hunters, observing these early stages gives us a deeper appreciation for the animals we hunt and helps us predict their future movements and habitats.

Autumn is the time of preparation – for both us and the wildlife. Our cameras capture the maturation of deer and the gathering of turkeys, offering clues for the upcoming hunting season. Watching big bucks and flocks of turkeys helps us plan our strategies and choose our spots.

Winter, though harsh, reveals the resilience of wildlife. Seeing how deer and other animals adapt to the cold and scarcity teaches us about their survival strategies and patterns, which is crucial for ethical and successful hunting. It’s not just about tracking our next trophy; it's about understanding and respecting the balance of nature.

Having trail cameras active throughout the year is not only advantageous for hunting purposes but also incredibly interesting. The footage collected tells a continuous story of our potential prey and their environment. It’s fascinating to witness the secret lives of these animals unfold on camera, adding another layer of excitement and connection to our hunting experiences. This year-round observation aids in making us more knowledgeable and responsible hunters, deeply attuned to the ecosystems we are part of.

Trail Cameras: Not Just for Hunters

Sure, trail cameras are a hunter's best friend, but they're pretty handy for a bunch of other stuff too. Here's a look at what else you can do with these nifty gadgets:

Keeping an Eye on Your Property

Got a cabin in the woods or a piece of land you can't always be at? Set up a trail camera. It’s like having a watchful neighbor keeping an eye out for trespassers or any cheeky animals that might wander in.

Wildlife Watching for Fun

If you love watching animals but don’t want to disturb them, these cameras are perfect. Set one up and later, you can see all the cool critters that passed by. It's like nature's own reality show.

Helping Scientists and Conservationists

These cameras are super helpful for folks studying animals and trying to protect them. They can track where animals go, how many there are, and what they're up to, all without bothering them.

School Projects and Learning

Teachers and students can use trail camera footage to learn about local wildlife. It’s a great way to get kids interested in nature and science.

Capturing the Changing Seasons: Love seeing how the landscape changes over the year? Set up a camera for a time-lapse of the seasons changing. It's pretty awesome to watch.

Pitching In with Community Science

By sharing what you capture on your trail camera, you can help with bigger projects that track wildlife movements and health. It’s a cool way to be part of something bigger and help out the environment.

From what we've seen, if you're into hunting, nature, or just like keeping tabs on your property, it's a smart move to keep that camera rolling. So, my take? If you've got a trail camera, let it do its thing all year long. You might be surprised by all the cool stuff you'll discover.

Additional Resources

If you're looking for a trail camera that ticks all the boxes for year-round use, Camojojo Trace is a solid choice worth considering.

Camojojo Trace is a trail camera that combines essential features with some modern conveniences. It offers 1080P HD video, which is great for clear, detailed footage, both for wildlife watching and property surveillance. The night vision capability is a key feature for capturing nocturnal animal activities or keeping an eye on things after dark. Additionally, its fast trigger speed is practical for capturing quick-moving wildlife, ensuring you don't miss those fleeting moments.

What sets Camojojo Trace apart is its connectivity features. It can live stream directly to your phone, giving you the ability to watch wildlife in real-time. This can be especially interesting during active wildlife seasons or for immediate property monitoring. The real-time notifications to your phone are helpful too, alerting you to any movement the camera detects. These features make the Camojojo Trace a good option for those looking for a trail camera that provides both high-quality recording and the convenience of modern technology.


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