• Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera
  • Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera

Camojojo Trace Works for Security Trail Camera

- Send Whole Video
- Support Live Streaming
- 0.2s Trigger Speed
- 65ft Detection Range
- 80° Detection Angle
- Enhanced Battery Life
- 2 Year Warranty
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Trail cameras can be an effective security solution for homes, businesses, and other properties. They offer continuous surveillance and can be accessed remotely, making them a convenient way to monitor a specific area. Trail cameras are also discreet, motion-activated, weather-resistant, and have long battery lives, making them suitable for outdoor use. Many trail cameras also capture high-quality footage and have night vision capabilities, allowing them to capture footage in low light conditions. They are also versatile and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for security purposes.

What makes trail camera stands out for security

One of the primary advantages of using a trail camera for security is that it can provide continuous surveillance of a specific area and you can access and view the camera’ footage for your smartphone if you use a wireless trail camera for security.

Most trail cameras are equipped with motion sensors, which means that they only capture footage when there is movement in the area being monitored. It will give you a This helps to reduce the amount of unnecessary footage and saves on battery life. It also means that the camera is more likely to capture footage of any activity that could potentially be a security concern, such as an intruder or unauthorized person on your property.

How Camojojo trail camera work for security

The detection range and trigger speed of a security trail camera can both have an impact on its effectiveness as a surveillance tool. You must ensure that your trail camera has a fast trigger speed and a sufficient detection range to avoid missing important events that occur quickly or outside of its field of view. Furthermore, the 0.2s trigger speed is fast enough to capture any movement of predators such as deer, cars, or people.

The 65ft detection range, on the other hand, allows it to capture more accurate and comprehensive images or video, making it a more effective tool for security and surveillance.

Picture quality in daylight and night

  • HD picture and video
  • Low-glow IR LED

A clearer understanding of what's going on in the frame is made possible by a camera that captures detailed, high-resolution images and video. The resolution of the trail camera is a good indicator of this, as it dictates how sharp and detailed the footage will be.

Infrared (IR) lighting, a type of invisible night flash, should also be considered because it will affect the quality of your footage when shooting at night. The Camojojo Trace supports different PIR Sensitivities for different situations to ensure optimal performance and that your security camera captures the footage you require.

Video/footage sending & playing system

  • Instant video sending; playing without HD requiring

How you intend to monitor the safety of the premises is another crucial factor to think about. A standard trail camera is a good option if all you care about is knowing what went on at a location over a given time frame and reviewing the footage whenever it's convenient for you.
Some security trail cameras, however, include Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, allowing it; to instantly transfer video from the camera to your phone for remote viewing.

Camojojo security trail camera did a good job in this area because it sends the full video, not just a cover, so you can watch it right away and decide if you need HD later.

Live feed in real-time from phone

  • Real time live stream

Live features allow you to get a better look at what's going on when you receive alerts that a predator or unexpected trespasser is on your property via your phone.

Having this option is especially helpful if the camera is located in an inconvenient area, or if you want to watch the feed in real time.

Battery life

  • Battery compatibility:

A camera with a long battery life will be able to operate for a longer period of time, which can be especially useful if the camera is positioned in a remote location or if it is not practical to access the camera frequently to change the batteries.

Camojojo Trace is compatible with a wide variety of A++ batteries, including Lithium, Alkaline, and NI-MH options.

  • Battery saving design: Auto mode

The running mode in the trail camera will also influence the battery consumption of the security trail cam. Auto modes on Camojojo Trail cameras permit instantaneous video transmission after the trigger, and they switch to the most power-efficient mode when not in use.

AI image Identification

Camojojo's Statistics features will classify the footage using its AI identification features and let you know easily whether it's a buck, human, or even a car triggering your trail camera, allowing you to monitor security scenarios more easily and conveniently.

Map marketing

This mapping system will allow you to plot out your surveillance territory and identify potential predators across your land, making trail cameras an indispensable tool for any property concerned with its safety.

Easy to set up

  • NFC equipped

When you need to connect the camera to your phone, instead of scanning the code, you just put your phone on the trail camera and wait for it to connect to your phone automatically in 2 seconds.

Flexible holder(35 verticle adjust)

When you hunt your camera outside, the flexible holder allows you to easily adjust the angle to suit your security needs after you mount it somewhere. It can help you get the best images or footage from your camera and ensure that you are capturing predator activity.


  • IP66 waterproofing
  • 68 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 2-year warranty

The durability of a trail camera for security determines how well it can withstand various environmental conditions and how long it will last. A tough security trail camera will be able to work in inclement weather such as rain, snow, and wind.

Furthermore, Camojojo security trail camera comes with a 2-year warranty, and you can get your issues resolved quickly in our group.

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