Bird Finds: The Ultimate Gifts Guide for Bird Lovers
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Bird Finds: The Ultimate Gifts Guide for Bird Lovers

By Avian | 10 March 2024 | 0 Comments
Discover the perfect gifts for bird lovers with our curated guide. From backyard essentials to wild birds decor, find unique birdwatching accessories and ideas to delight every avian enthusiast.

When planning a bird-themed gift for someone special in your life, like your boyfriend or grandma, it's key to tailor your choice to their unique birdwatching habits and preferences. Whether they're a backyard birder, an adventurous bird watcher, or someone who loves bird-themed home decor, there's a perfect gift out there to match their passion. This guide is designed to help you navigate the wide array of bird gifts available, ensuring you find just the right present to delight them.

Gifts for Backyard Birding 

Dive into the enchanting world of backyard birding with gifts that transform any garden into a bird paradise, enriching the birdwatching experience with every visit.

Smart Bird Feeder Camera

Price Range: Early Bird Price: $159

Camojojo Smart Bird Feeder Camera is the ultimate gift for bird lovers, watchers, and enthusiasts alike. The built-in Camera with Sony senor offers an unparalleled window into the fascinating world of backyard birding. This innovative gadget blends the joy of feeding birds with the thrill of wildlife photography, allowing you to capture stunning images of bird visitors and even those adorable, unintended squirrel guests. 

With its AI-identify feature, you become an instant expert, recognizing and learning about each bird species that graces your feeder. The Doctor Bird function takes it a step further, offering fascinating details about your feathered friends. It's the perfect blend of entertainment, education, and engagement for bird enthusiasts, making it a standout choice among bird watching gifts.

Early Bird Details


Hummingbird Feeder

Price Range: $15 - $50

For those passionate about backyard bird watching, the hummingbird stands out as a captivating spectacle. The Hummingbird Feeder, with its bright colors and unique design, is specifically crafted to attract these lively birds, infusing any garden with a burst of color and activity. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a Hummingbird Feeder is a thoughtful way to enhance someone's bird watching experience, bringing the rapid wingbeats and delicate charm of hummingbirds right to their garden.

Bird Perch

Price Range: $10 - $30

A bird perch offers a resting spot for birds, enhancing a garden's appeal to both birds and those who enjoy watching them. It's a simple addition that can lead to more frequent and diverse bird visits, allowing watchers to observe a variety of behaviors and species up close. This gift suits anyone interested in creating a more inviting space for bird watching in their own backyard.

Bird Food

Price Range: $5 - $50

Providing different types of bird food can attract a range of birds to a garden, making it a lively place for observation. This is a practical choice for bird watchers looking to see more bird activity and diversity outside their windows. It's an easy way to support local wildlife while enhancing the bird watching experience.


Price Range: $20 - $100

Bird-attracting plants like the coneflower not only make a garden more beautiful but also draw in birds by offering them food and shelter. These plants can create a natural environment that's both pleasing to look at and beneficial for birds. It's an ideal gift for those who enjoy gardening and bird watching, as it combines both interests.

Bird Baths

Price Range: $20 - $200

A bird bath provides birds with a necessary water source and offers bird watchers the joy of seeing birds engage in natural behaviors like drinking and bathing. It's a gift that adds to the garden's charm and functionality, supporting bird health and offering entertainment to those who love to watch birds.

Bird Houses

Price Range: $15 - $150

Offering a bird house as a gift can encourage birds to nest and raise their young in a garden, providing bird watchers with a unique opportunity to observe bird life cycles. These houses cater to various species, making them a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in fostering a welcoming environment for birds and enhancing their own bird watching experience.

Gifts for Wild Birding Lovers

Embarking on a wild birding trip invites the thrill of discovering birds in their natural, untamed environments. The right gear can make all the difference in these adventures, turning a good trip into an unforgettable one. Here's a selection of thoughtful gifts for the avid birders in your life as they prepare for their wild journeys:


Price Range: $100 - $2,000

For bird lovers keen on observing fine details from afar, a good pair of binoculars or a spotting scope is invaluable. The price reflects the range of capabilities, from entry-level models that are perfect for beginners, to sophisticated equipment for the seasoned bird watcher. These tools are essential for anyone looking to enhance their birding experience, making distant birds appear as if they were close enough to touch.

Sony Cameras

Price Range: $500 - $3,000+

Capturing the fleeting moments of bird watching in high-quality images is a joy with Sony cameras. The range in price accommodates various levels of expertise and commitment, from hobbyists to professional wildlife photographers. These cameras are known for capturing stunning bird photographs, making them a cherished gift for those who love to document their avian encounters.

Clothes & Hats for the Outdoors

Price Range: $20 - $200

Practical and comfortable outdoor apparel, including clothes and hats, are essentials for any bird watcher. These items, varying in price, offer protection from the elements, ensuring that bird watchers can enjoy their hobby in comfort and style, regardless of the weather conditions.

Portable Bird Guides

Price Range: $10 - $50

A portable bird guide or bird identification app is a thoughtful gift for bird enthusiasts who appreciate having a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. These guides range from basic to comprehensive, aiding in the quick identification of various bird species encountered during birding excursions.

Waterproof Notebooks

Price Range: $5 - $30

Waterproof notebooks are perfect for bird watchers who like to jot down observations or sketch birds in the field, no matter the weather. They are an affordable yet essential tool for anyone dedicated to recording their birding experiences.

Travel Bags for Birding Equipment

Price Range: $50 - $300

A sturdy travel bag is a must for bird watchers on the move, designed to carry and protect birding gear like optics, cameras, and guides. The variety in price points reflects differences in size, material, and special features, catering to the needs of bird watchers whether they’re heading to a local park or embarking on a remote birding adventure.

This guide offers a selection of gifts that cater to the varied interests and needs of bird lovers, ensuring that whether they’re observing, photographing, or studying birds, they have the best tools at their disposal.

Plan a Wild Birding Adventure

Embarking on a wild birding adventure together is perhaps the most memorable gift you can offer. It's an opportunity to share in the thrill of discovery, the quiet of nature, and the joy of bird watching. This experience goes beyond the tangible, offering quality time spent in the pursuit of shared passions and the creation of lasting memories.

Creative Bird Lover Gifts

If you're in search of a gift that stands out from the flock, or you want to find the unique gifts for your friends, dive into this curated selection tailored for the bird aficionado.

“Loon with Chick” Figurine

Price Range: $30 - $150

Imagine capturing a tender moment between a loon and its chick in a statue that fits on your shelf. This figurine brings a slice of the lakeside into the home, perfect for those who marvel at the intimate moments of bird life.

Board Game "Wingspan"

Price Range: $50 - $60

Dive into "Wingspan," where birds are more than just feathers and flight; they're your path to victory. This game is a hit at game nights, offering bird lovers a chance to strategize and soar through habitats without leaving the table.

Bird Puzzle

Price Range: $15 - $30

Piece together the avian world, one puzzle piece at a time. With stunning bird imagery, these puzzles are an invitation to slow down and enjoy the intricate beauty of birds, making them a cozy activity for a lazy afternoon.

Bird Print

Price Range: $20 - $100

Turn any room into a bird sanctuary with art prints that celebrate avian beauty. Whether it's a vibrant hummingbird or a serene flock at sunset, these prints bring the outdoors in, offering a window to the wild for any bird enthusiast.

Bird Bookmarks

Price Range: $5 - $15

Mark your place in your next adventure with a bird-themed bookmark. These little gems are a nod to bird lovers who also find escape in the pages of a book, combining two passions in one elegant accessory.

Bird-Themed Jewelry

Price Range: $25 - $200

Wear your love for birds close to your heart (or wrist, or ears). From subtle to statement pieces, bird-themed jewelry is a charming way to showcase a love for birds, adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance to any outfit.

Bird Sound Clocks

Price Range: $40 - $100

Who needs a regular chime when you can have the call of the wild? Bird sound clocks bring the chorus of the outdoors into your home, announcing each hour with a different bird song, a delightful reminder of the time for bird lovers.

Educational Gifts for Bird Lovers

Bird Watching Books

Price Range: $20 - $100

If your friend loves reading, consider gifting them a bird watching book. These books are perfect for anyone curious about the natural world, offering insights into the fascinating lives of birds, from their behavior to their habitats. It's a thoughtful way to combine their love of reading with their interest in bird watching, enriching their understanding and enjoyment of birds.

Online Birding Courses

For the friend always eager to learn more, an online birding course is a fantastic gift. Whether they're into bird identification or bird photography, these courses offer a deep dive into specific areas of interest, helping them to sharpen their skills and deepen their appreciation for bird life.

Subscription to Bird Magazines

A subscription to a bird magazine keeps your friend in the loop with the latest bird news, tips, and fascinating stories. It’s a great way to ensure they stay connected to their passion, offering a monthly dose of bird-related joy and learning right to their doorstep.

Finding the perfect gift for the bird lover in your life can be a rewarding journey that deepens their connection to the natural world.


What are the best gifts for a bird lover?

For the best gifts for a bird lover, it's important to consider their specific bird watching habits. If they enjoy backyard birding, gifts like bird feeders, bird baths, or garden ornaments can enhance their experience. For those who prefer wild birding adventures, items such as high-quality binoculars, portable bird guides, or a durable travel bag would be more suitable. Tailoring your gift to their preferences ensures it will be both appreciated and used, whether they're observing birds from the comfort of their home or out in the wild.

What are the benefits of birdwatching?

Birdwatching is like a treasure hunt in nature, offering a mix of fun, relaxation, and learning. It’s a great way to unwind, as you focus on spotting different birds and listening to their songs, which can be a real stress-buster. Plus, it gets you moving outdoors, adding a bit of adventure and exercise to your day. Every bird you spot is a chance to learn something new, making you a bit of a bird expert over time. And let’s not forget the joy of meeting other bird enthusiasts – it’s a hobby that can bring people together, sharing tips and sightings.

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