Guide to Find Best Trail Camera for Security
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Guide to Find Best Trail Camera for Security

By Matthew | 12 June 2023 | 1 Comments
Whether you want to monitor your home or a remote location, here's everything you need to know about choosing the best trail camera for security.

Did you know that you can use trail cameras for home security? Trail cameras are not just for use during hunting; you can set one of these cameras up at your home to provide security against stray wild animals or intruders. Today, we will look at the best trail cameras for home security that you can use for home or workplace surveillance. We will also talk about the special features that make these trail cameras stand out to help you find the best security trail camera for your property. 

Benefits of Using A Trail Camera for Security

Instead of opting for the regular security camera, using trail cameras for security might be the best option. Some of the benefits one can get from using a trail camera for security include:

High Picture and Video Quality

Because they are mostly used for hunting, most trail cameras have an excellent picture and video quality. The quality helps make identification easier for hunters and can serve the same function for home use. The owner can use it to identify the person or animal the camera records should the footage be needed.

Wide Detection Range

This is an especially handy feature for those with large compounds. Trail cameras have a wide detection range, with some ranging from 50 to 150 ft. This ensures the trail cam covers more ground than regular cameras, offering more protection.

Long Battery Life

Trail cameras were designed for outdoor use. Because of that, they have been equipped with a long battery life that can last for months without needing changing. Some trail cameras even have a dual power supply system that allows you to use them for more than a year without changing.

Buying Guide

Before looking at the best trail cameras for home security, let us look at some of the features you should consider:

1.Power Supply

A good trail cam for security should have a good power supply source. That will ensure that the trail camera does not run out of power while functioning. Most trail cameras have long-lasting or rechargeable batteries that can go for months without recharging. Make sure the trail camera you choose has a constant power supply for easier use.


Since the trail cam will be outdoors, you need to ensure the one you pick can withstand the weather and element changes. Trail cameras with a rugged design are more likely to survive outdoors without breaking down. The game cam's design and protection rating can help you identify the more durable trail cameras. The material the trail cam is made of is also an important feature of durability.

3.Detection Range

This is a great feature for most homes. The wider the detection range, the better it is for your property. The trail camera you get should have a detection range of at least 50 feet, although that can change depending on the property size. Ensure it covers the whole area you set it up in to get better coverage.

4.Ease of Use

Trail cameras can be hard to set up and operate, so you must ensure the one you choose is easy to operate. Some trail cameras have mobile apps that can help with setting up and overall control; research to see how easy the instructions are to follow before purchasing.


Research the trail cameras you want before buying them to ensure they offer everything you require. Some trail cameras with a lower price tag might have the same features as a more expensive one, saving you money. Weight the features you want from the trail camera against your budget before purchasing to ensure you make the right decision.

Our Pick for the Best Trail Cameras for Security

Some of the best trail cameras for home security you can get include:

Spartan New GoLive2


Picture and Video Quality: 4 MP and 1080p

Trigger Speed: 0.04 seconds

Detection Range: 80ft

The new edition Spartan GoLive2 is one of the best trail cameras for home security. This is thanks to its live-streaming feature, allowing owners to see whatever the trail camera records. It also has an LCD screen for easy control.

The high-quality video and picture resolution during the day and at night also makes it possible for the trail camera to show everything clearly. Owners can see anything the trail camera records, which helps with identification.

The game camera also features a built-in microphone that records audio should one want to. It also has an infrared sensor that covers up to 80 feet, with four PIR sensitivity modes.


The wonderful video streaming with sound capability feature makes this game camera stand out. It records up to 30 frames per second, enabling one to see whatever it records. It is also easy to set up and operate, with the Spartan Camera Management App making monitoring and customizing easier.


The game camera is on the pricier side, making it risky to use in areas with burglars. The capturing sound, when triggered, is also loud and can spook animals or whatever is around.

Stealth Cam DS4K Ultimate


Picture and video resolution: 32 MP and 4K video resolution

Trigger speed: 0.02 seconds

Detection range: 100ft

The Stealth Cam DS4K trail camera is a force to contend with when it comes to trail cameras for security. It has a high picture and video resolution, delivering high-quality and detailed footage. It records videos at 30 frames per second, and the 100ft detection range makes it possible to cover a wide area.

The game camera also has a time-lapse feature that allows fast-forwarding footage to show in a short amount of time. It does not consume as much power as other cameras because of its different modes. The trail camera can be set to stay on for 24 hours. Alternatively, one can choose when it can work day or night.

Its sturdy design makes it suitable for outdoor use as it can face all the elements without breaking down. The operational controls are also protected under a plastic faceplate held by a clamp to avoid accidents.


The fast trigger speed that can record any fast-moving object makes it one of the best trail cameras for home security. Its design makes it blend in with the surrounding, making it hard to identify or steal.


The price is not budget-friendly. It also needs 12 AA batteries for power supply, which add more expenses.

Camojojo Trace LTE


Picture and video quality: 5 MP and 1080p resolution

Trigger speed: 0.02 seconds

Detection range: 65ft

Despite being one of the few trail cameras under $100, the Camojojo Trace LTE is the best cellular trail camera for security. It packs all the essential features a game camera requires, all at a much fairer price.

Some features that make this trail camera stand out include its instant video-playing ability and live streaming. It allows playing video footage in real-time on a connected device, eliminating the need for downloading. This is all made possible by the built-in SIM card that works with Camojojo’s affordable data plans to play unlimited videos.

Another feature that makes it the best trail camera for field security is its low-glow LED flash that allows clear footage at night. The low glow also makes it easier to hide from intruders. The community Camojojo has created is also conducive for everyone, especially beginners, as they interact with others and learn tips from others within the community.


This trail camera's rugged design makes it perfect for outdoor use, and it can stand any weather element. It includes a built-in 32GB memory card for storing recorded footage. Its 65ft detection range, fast 0.02s trigger speed, and easy setup make it perfect for everyone.


The app’s instructions can be difficult for novice users to understand, which can pose a challenge during setup.

Reveal X Gen 2.0

Picture and video quality: 16MP and 1080p

Trigger speed: sub 0.5 seconds

Detection range: 96ft

Having a small trail cam for security is a handy feature as it makes it harder to spot. The Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0 is a compact cellular trail camera that is perfect for hunting and field security.

The new generation X Gen 2.0 has improved on its predecessor's design by incorporating a hybrid mode that allows it to take and send pictures instantly. It is also possible to request and download HD videos to your phone or watch a live feed of what the trail camera records.

Setting the trail camera up is easy, and its LED screen makes maintenance easier. It shows the battery level and cellular signal strength, so one can know when to recharge it.

The game camera can also survive for months outdoors without needing constant recharging. That is because of its dual power supply features, an external charging jack that can connect to a power outlet, and the 12 AA batteries that can last up to 6 months of continuous use.


The trigger speed and recovery speed allow it to capture multiple pictures and videos at a go. The trail cam's low-glow feature delivers clear and crisp images and videos even at night for easy identification.


The game camera is on the higher price end. Extra costs are also accrued from buying 12 batteries, a SIM card, and an SD card, pushing the price even higher.

Reconyx Hyperfire 2 HS2XC


Picture and video quality: 3 MP and 720p

Trigger speed: 0.2 seconds

Detection range: 150ft

Getting a trail cam for security secured can be hard, but that is made easier with the Hyperfire 2 HS2XC. This trail camera has a webbing strap that makes securing it easier. You can attach the game camera to a post or a tree where it stays out of touch.

Cellular coverage is made possible by the Hyperfire 2's 4G LTE capability. This allows users to receive pictures and videos wherever they are. The mobile app makes sending and receiving the footage easy, as long as you are somewhere with an internet connection.

It is also possible to customize the trail cam settings through the app. One can also check the camera's status and know when it needs to be charged. All this can be done remotely, and because one can get instant footage from anywhere, it makes the Hyperfire 2 the best trail cam for home or field security.


A fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds enables the trail camera to record more footage quickly. It can even record fast animals, such as deer. The camera can also send 720p videos to the receiving device with audio for easy monitoring, which is easier because of the affordable data plans. The night vision feature and infrared sensor enable it to take clear pictures and record high-quality videos even at night.


The long battery life is made possible by Energizer Ultimate Lithium or 12 AA NiMH batteries, which drive up the cost of the already expensive trail camera.
StealthCam Reactor Cellular Trail Camera


Picture and Video Quality: 26MP and 1080p

Trigger Speed: 0.4 seconds

Detection Range: 100ft

Though there are so many trail cameras for security, the StealthCam Reactor has proved to be among the best in the market. It has a superior photo resolution of 26MP, and 1080p video as the camera can take 30FPS. It also has a burst mode where the trail camera can take between 1 to 9 photos per second once triggered. 
The camera is lightweight and compact but has great build quality. Its motion detector has a trigger speed of 0.4 seconds and can detect movement up to a distance of 100ft. 


The StealthCam app has good features on their application and a user can easily customize them to their specific use. High-performance feature such as Matrix Advance blur comes in handy when used in security as you are assured of crisp footage at all times.


Though it is marketed to have a No Glow IR flash, it is underwhelming. Some nighttime footage is not up to par with the industry standard. The trail camera also has a slow recovery time once the footage is captured.

Moultrie Mobile Exo Cellular


Picture and Video Quality: 18MP and 720P

Trigger Speed: 0.75 seconds 

Detection Range: 70ft

When it comes to the best trail cameras for home security, Moultrie Mobile never disappoints. The cell can take ultra-clear images and video through its 42-degree angle field of view. Rest assured that the footage captured at night will be well illuminated through its invisible flash with a range of 70ft. 

The cell camera is supported with a free mobile app loaded with multiple features. There is unlimited cloud storage for photos, and you can set up 20 pins on your property to scout it for security reasons. It also has a species recognition feature that recognizes and categorizes different species. 


The trail camera's built quality is ideal for hunting and security. It is also quite easy to set it up and operate. Out of the multiple trail cameras from Moultrie mobile, this Exo cellular trail camera is among the most affordable as it retails below $50 with its plans being pocket friendly. 


The trail camera drains the battery at a very fast rate. It also has connectivity issues despite sometimes showing the cellular bars are full. 
Spypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera


Picture and Video Quality: 33MP and 1080p

Trigger Speed: 0.3 seconds 

Detection Range: 100ft

The Skypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera has the same performance and flexibility as other Skypoint trail cameras. What makes this version unique is that it can adapt to your specific need of use. This comes in handy when a user seeks the best trail cam for security or hunting. 

When it comes to picture and video quality, the Flex Cellular cam can record 1080p HD videos and 33MP resolution photos. The images and video quality in the recorded footage are beautifully colorful and crisp. 

The camera's motion sensor and detection are fast, thanks to its trigger speed of 0.3 seconds. The responsive trigger automatically configures its settings to the conditions of the environment to ensure speed and quality every time. 


The Skypoint Flex cellular cam True dual SIM connection for multi-carrier Auto connectivity. After setting up a plan, it will be able to choose the strongest network in the region. This ensures that the trail camera is connected to transmit quality footage at all times.


Though it is a bit easy to set up the trail camera, it becomes more complex to customize it for specific use. 

Browning Defender Ridgeline


Picture and Video Quality: 20MP and 1080p

Trigger Speed: 0.2-0.7 seconds

Detection Range: 90ft

Browning Defender is one of the best trail cameras for security as it has premium features that come in handy in remote areas. This cell cam will be handy in large properties, and the user needs limited interactions. 

The camera's build quality is great, as it is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It also comes with an exclusive two-year warranty from your purchase date. 

The cell cam has a 20MP camera that takes 1920X1080 FHD videos that come with sound. This is all initiated through the trail camera's adjustable trigger speed sensor.  


The trail camera can take up to 8 multi shots once triggered and can support a memory card with a capacity of up to 512GB. It also has one of the best recovery speeds in the market, as it will only take 0.5 seconds between images. 


Other than the trail camera being costly, its batteries also drain quickly. To remedy the energy consumed by the batteries, one has to adjust the image and video quality settings and lower them. 

Wildgame Innovations Insite Cell Game Camera


Picture and Video Quality: 32 MP and 720p 

Trigger Speed: 1 second

Detection Range: 100ft 

The last trail camera for security on this list is from Wildgame Innovation. The company designed this Insite cell game camera with additional features that make it fit as a security tool around your property. The most captivating feature of the cell cam is its ability to support a 128GB SD card. This will be able to hold a massive amount of footage without running out of storage easily.

To set up the camera, you need to download the Wildgame Innovation dedicated app, Hunt Smart, and add your trail camera. There are multiple data plans for you to choose from when setting up. The user can pick the one that is convenient for a specific use or budget. 


The PIR motion sensor, coupled with the powerful 32MP camera, can capture high-quality pictures and videos once triggered. The app also has a feature that can notify the user of different species that triggered the camera. This will come in handy when you need to know if someone has trespassed property. 


The sensor speed of wireless cam is relatively low compared to other brands in the market. It will take quite some time to capture footage once triggered. 
Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Trail Cameras Be Used As Security Cameras?

Trail cameras can be used for an array of purposes. Other than being popularly used for hunting, they can be used for security and observing nature.

Trail cameras are an excellent option to use for security as they act as a very efficient surveillance tool. Setting it up around a property in a remote area can help in watching for trespassers and offer peace of mind to the user as they can be able to monitor a property on their connected device. 

What Is the Difference Between A Security Camera And A Trail Camera?

The most significant difference between the two methods of surveillance is the security can relay a 24-hour video feed to a connected device while the other only takes footage when triggered. The trail camera is also easier to set up and use while security cameras can be technical to install.

How Do I Choose A Good Trail Camera For Security?

The detection range, power supply, and flash are major factors to consider when choosing the best trail camera for security. This will enable it to capture well-lit footage from a distance.

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