• HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card
  • HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card

HD Live Cellular Trail Cam with Sound 0.2s Trigger, Build-in SD Card

- Video-first Cellular Camera
- Real-time Live Streaming
- Sharing App's Album with Friends
- 0.2s Trigger Speed
- Enhanced Battery Life
- US-based Customer Service
- Best AT&T Trail Camera with Live Feed
- 2-year Warranty
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  • Description

A trail camera with live feed is a type of wildlife camera that allows users to monitor and observe animals in their natural habitats in real time. These cameras are typically wireless and can be accessed remotely, allowing you to view the live feed on your smartphone or computer. Based on the live streaming videos, you can take efficient measures on your property and prevent damages caused by the anonymous behavior of wild animals.

Using a live-feed trail camera, hunters may scout for animals and choose the best spots to prove their chances of success. With the live streaming of the trail camera, you can get an idea from your phone of what is happening at your place and the tracks and activities of the potential deer, black bear, duck, etc., all from the convenience of your smartphone.

A trail camera with live feed can also be used for security and surveillance purposes, allowing you to monitor remote areas for potential threats or intruders.

How well-equipped is Camojojo live trail camera?

While there are many desirable characteristics of a live feed trail cam, there are also some that are absolutely necessary.

1. Clean live streaming

The live trail cam must stream a clear live video feed erasing the unnecessary details in the captures. It helps the hunters to acquire a better vision of the video feed and assists them to observe in depth. The Camojojo LTE trail camera sends the video feeds without any UI elements. That means the live stream you watch will carry no data regarding the battery, exposure, and aperture. The Camojojo trail camera rules out these factors by displaying the prey’s movements precisely, thereby assisting the hunters to focus on the object without being carried away by unwanted factors during the live feed.

Remotely watch videos in real time from your phone.

2. Output resolution optional 720P/1080P

In general, trail cameras for hunters are designed to capture high-quality images and video, so they typically have a high output resolution. When it comes to live video streaming from your trail camera, a high resolution live trail camera will provide you with more detailed and clearer footage, which can be beneficial for hunters who want to accurately assess their targets and make informed decisions. Camojojo live trail camera has optional 720P and 1080P output resolution, which will provide more than enough clarity and detail for hunters to identify and track their prey day or night.

Bucks on trail camera.

3. Power supply (Excellent battery life)

For live cellular game cameras, the power supply must be an important thing to consider as it needs to support the power consumption while you watch the live stream in real time. The longevity of power in the trail camera is essential for the hunters to stay connected with their prey 24/7. Camojojo LTE trail camera operates in three different modes to fulfill the requirements of the users. It works in eco, auto, and boost modes. The maximum power consumption occurs with the boost mode. Even in the boost mode, the camera runs for a month efficiently when you use AA batteries.

The hunters can opt for an external power source to extend the camera power needs even after the saturation. For example, when you connect a trail camera solar charger, you can leave the camera unattended even for years thereby reducing the cost of batteries and travel.

4. Frame rate (30 fps)

The frame rate counts on how many frames are captured in a second. The higher the value better will be the video streaming. Hunters require more actions on their prey therefore the trail camera must offer smoother shots to highlight the activities professionally. Camojojo trail camera streams live video with 30 fps that match the standard format of frame rate. The human eye can easily adapt to this frame rate and you can also freeze the content to watch the video in slow motion for better results.

5. Preserve & Share

You can record the live streaming videos from your trail camera on your phone and share them with your friends. Camojojo trail camera displays an icon on the live-streaming screen. By tapping this icon, you can record the live-streaming content or take a photo. Because the content of the live stream requires a lot of storage, this icon causes your video document to be saved in your phone memory rather than the SD card space of your trail camera. Users will benefit from the ability to record the live stream in order to get the most out of the Camojojo trail camera.

Scan the code to invite friends to add albums to yours, or to view Albums.

Other important aspects to consider:

  • Real-time video and photo sending:

In addition to the live feed feature, Camojojo Trace allows you to instantly receive and play back all the videos captured by a trail camera within the Camojojo app, without the need to request high-definition (HD) playback separately. This innovative approach by Camojojo Trace aims to simplify hunting and save hunters significant costs, as most other trail cameras only provide the thumbnail or cover image of the video. With Camojojo Trace, you get the full video experience right at your fingertips.

  • 0.2-second trigger speed:

The trigger speed implies the time taken to start the live stream soon after the PIR sensor signals it. A faster trigger speed means that the camera will be able to capture images of moving objects more quickly and accurately, which is important for capturing wildlife and other fast-moving subjects. Camojojo trail camera provides 0.2s trigger speed thereby offering a quick response to animal detection.

  • Crystal night vision

Employing low glow infrared (IR) illumination for night vision, this cutting-edge camera emits imperceptible infrared light. As a result, it guarantees the discreet capture of images and videos without alerting or disturbing the wildlife or subjects, whether you are monitoring the live feed or reviewing captured animal motion.

  • Less false triggers:

PIR sensors are designed to be highly sensitive to changes in infrared radiation, but this can sometimes result in false triggers, where the camera takes pictures or records video even when there is no real movement in the environment. After extensive testing, Camojojo was designed with an accurate PIR sensor, resulting in few false triggers while ensuring you never miss a chance to record the activities taking place invisibly in its vicinity.

  • Low-glow infrared flash:

In general, the trail camera operates in two modes no glow and low glow infrared flash. This feature in Camojojo plays a vital role in capturing the target during the night and usually, the video is in black and white format. This low-glow infrared flash captures the prey’s movements without distracting them. It is useful for the hunters to get a clear picture of the animals at the night.

  • Outlook Design:

The Camojojo trail camera displays a bark-like appearance and therefore it does not look against nature. When you hang the cameras, it will blend in with its environment without causing any issues for the animals. You can detect the camera’s location and it will not give any clue to others about its presence

Frequently Bought Together
Frequently Bought Together
Incredible Photo & Video Quality
Receive videos on all your captures without the hassle and costs of requesting HD. Not just a photo cover, but an entire video. Best-in-class image sensor for sharp 3K photos and 1080p videos with sound gives you an extra edge when reviewing what is going on in the woods even during the darkest night.
Lightning 0.2s Trigger Speed
The trigger distance is up to 20m (65ft). Lightning-fast trigger speed of less than 0.2s guarantees you to capture all movements happening in your area. Up to 3 multishot option provides you all around details of your target buck. Accuracy is the name of the game.
IP66 Waterproof & Heavy-Duty
High-grade IP66 materials making it extremely durable from seal to probe lens. Protect your trail camera from rain, drop and dust. All these design for your game camera to work in harsh environments such as a tropical rain forest or a desert. Enhanced signal connectivity for your cellular camera to work in all edges of your game land.
5.0 89 Reviews
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