• HD Live Feed Cell Phone Trail Camera
  • HD Live Feed Cell Phone Trail Camera

HD Live Feed Cell Phone Trail Camera

- Instant HD video receive and play
- 0.2s trigger speed
- Real-time wildlife live feed
- Sharing App's Album with Friends
- Free Shipping and 2-Year Warranty
- Top AT&T Wildlife Trail Camera with live feed
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Cellphone trail cameras are a game-changing innovation in wildlife monitoring and security. These cameras capture high-quality images and videos and send them to your phone or email in real time, providing instant access to the activity happening in your monitored area. The Camojojo Trace cellular camera offers a range of features designed to make monitoring wildlife and ensuring property security more efficient and convenient. The camera combines traditional camera features with cellular connectivity. And its features will be discussed at length in this article.

Features of the Camojojo cellular camera

The Camojojo Trace cellular camera is an excellent choice for individuals who want to monitor wildlife or secure their property, especially when combined with the convenience of a cell phone. This camera offers a range of standout features that make it a top pick for these purposes. Some of these notable features include:

High-quality image and video capturing and delivery to cell phone

The Camojojo Trace cellular trail camera combines top-notch functionality with the convenience of sending high-resolution images and videos directly to your cell phone. With its exceptional capture capabilities, including 3K photos and 1080p videos, this camera ensures you can observe every detail with stunning clarity. It also offers adjustable resolution settings for a customized monitoring experience.

Night vision capabilities

Camojojo cell phone trail camera is your ideal companion when it comes to capturing outstanding images and videos in low-light conditions. Thanks to its advanced night vision technology, you can effortlessly monitor your property or observe wildlife even in complete darkness, ensuring you don't miss any exciting moments.

Motion detection and trigger speed

This camera boasts a fast 0.2s trigger speed, ensuring you won't miss any action in the monitored area. Its motion detection capabilities enable the camera to capture images and videos only when there is activity, conserving battery life and storage space.

Weather-resistant design

Trail cameras withstand harsh weather conditions, and the Camojojo Trace cellular camera is no exception. Its weather-resistant design with an IP66 rating ensures it will function optimally even in extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or snow.

Long battery life

One of the most significant concerns with trail cameras is battery life, especially when using a cellular-enabled device. The Camojojo Trace cellular camera offers long battery life, ensuring you won't need to replace the batteries frequently, even when using the camera's cellular features. It is also compatible with the Camojojo solar panel, which helps to extend the use by converting rays from the sun into power for the camera to function.

All of these features enhance the camera’s ability to function with cellular networks while connected to your cell phone. In other words, the camera's activity can be monitored with your phone.

Setting Up the Camojojo Trace cellular camera

Setting up the Camojojo Trace cellular camera is a straightforward process that involves mounting the camera, configuring the settings, and connecting it to a cellular network. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Unboxing and contents 

Ensure all the components are included when you receive your Camojojo Trace cellular camera. You should find the camera, a mounting strap, a metal stand, a user manual, a converter cable, a USB-C cable, a built-in SIM card, and a quick start guide.

Mounting and positioning

Choose a suitable location to mount your camera, ideally at a height of around 3-4 feet and angled slightly downward. This positioning will help capture the best images and videos while ensuring that the camera remains hidden from potential intruders or curious wildlife.

Configuring camera settings 

Turn on the camera and navigate the settings menu to configure various options such as image resolution, video length, and time-lapse intervals.

Benefits of Using a cellular camera connected to your phone

There are several advantages to using the Camojojo Trace cellular camera, making it a popular choice among wildlife enthusiasts and property owners. Barring all other benefits, the cell phone trail camera has become handy and easy to use. The best cell phone trail camera should provide the following benefits:

Real-time alerts and notifications

Camojojo cellular trail camera keeps you in the loop by providing real-time alerts and notifications whenever it captures an image or video. This valuable feature ensures that you stay informed about any activity taking place in your monitored area, whether it involves wildlife roaming or potential security concerns. You can have peace of mind knowing that you'll receive instant updates directly to your cell phone, keeping you connected and informed at all times.

Remote access and control

The Camojojo Trace cellular camera's cellular connectivity lets you remotely access and control the camera. This feature enables you to change settings, view captured images and videos, and even request real-time photos without visiting the camera location physically.

Enhanced security and surveillance

With its real-time alerts and remote access capabilities, this camera enables you to monitor your property around the clock and take swift action when needed. By receiving instant notifications sent directly to your cell phone, you can stay informed of any suspicious activity and remotely access the camera's feed, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to respond promptly to ensure the safety of your property.

Wildlife research and conservation efforts

For wildlife researchers and enthusiasts, the Camojojo Trace cellular camera offers a convenient way to monitor animal movements and behavior. The real-time alerts and high-quality images and videos provide valuable data for research and conservation efforts.

Comparing the Camojojo Trace cellular camera to Traditional Trail Cameras

While traditional trail cameras have been a popular choice for wildlife monitoring and property security, the Camojojo Trace cellular camera offers several advantages:

Cellular connectivity

The most significant advantage of the Cell phone trail camera is its ability to send images and videos directly to your phone or email. This feature eliminates the need to visit the camera location physically to retrieve data, saving time and effort.

Cost and subscription considerations

Although the Camojojo Trace cellular camera may cost more upfront than traditional trail cameras, the benefits of cellular connectivity and real-time alerts often outweigh the additional expense. However, it's essential to consider the ongoing costs of cellular subscriptions when choosing a cellphone trail camera.

Convenience and ease of use

The trail camera with cell phone technology has a user-friendly interface and remote access capabilities, making it a convenient and easy-to-use option for beginners and experienced trail camera users.

Lastly, the cellphone trail camera is an innovative and feature-rich option for wildlife monitoring and property security. Its high-quality image and video capture, night vision capabilities, and cellular connectivity make it an excellent choice for those looking to stay informed about activity in their monitored areas. By considering the benefits and features of the Camojojo Trace cellular camera, you can make an informed decision about whether this device is the right choice for your needs. As technology advances, cellphone trail cameras will likely become an increasingly popular option for wildlife enthusiasts and property owners.


Is it necessary to use the same network operator for my trail camera as my regular cell phone?

No, it is not necessary to use the same network operator for your cell phone trail camera as your regular cell phone. Cell phone trail cameras typically operate on independent cellular networks provided by the camera manufacturer or service provider. These cameras come with their own SIM cards and data plans specifically designed for their communication needs.

It's essential to ensure that the camera's cellular network is compatible with the available network coverage in your area. This will help ensure reliable connectivity and proper functioning of the cell phone trail camera.

Do I need a cellular plan to use a cellular trail camera?

Yes, you must purchase a cellular plan from a mobile network operator to use a cellular trail camera. The plan's cost will vary depending on the data usage and the provider, so it's essential to research and compare options before choosing one.

What are the benefits of using a cellular trail camera?

The main benefit of using a cellular trail camera is that you can monitor wildlife or hunting activity remotely without checking the camera physically. This can save time and effort and increase your chances of capturing high-quality images or footage. Additionally, cellular trail cameras can monitor your property or livestock for security purposes.

Are there any drawbacks to using a cellular trail camera?

The main drawback of using a cellular trail camera is that it can be more expensive than traditional trail cameras due to the cost of the cellular plan. Additionally, cellular trail cameras require an excellent cellular signal to work effectively, so if you are in an area with poor coverage, you may experience connectivity issues. 

How long do cellular trail camera batteries last?

The battery life of a cellular trail camera will depend on several factors, including the quality of the battery, the temperature and weather conditions, and the frequency of use. Some cellular trail cameras come with rechargeable batteries that can last several months, while others may require more frequent charging or replacement. Getting a solar panel attached also prolongs the battery life.


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