• Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger
  • Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger
  • Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger
  • Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger
  • Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger
  • Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger
  • Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger
  • Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger

Live Deer Camera for hunting Season with less false trigger

- Instant HD video receive and play
- 0.2s trigger speed
- Real-time wildlife live feed
- Sharing App's Album with Friends
- Free Shipping and 2-Year Warranty
- Top AT&T Wildlife Trail Camera with live feed
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How to Nail Scouting & Hunting Season with Camojojo Cellular Trail Camera

Deer hunting season is around the corner! This means all hunting enthusiasts must get ready for scouting already. For perfect scouting, you need a trail camera that has precise trigger speed, excellent image quality and is easy to use. 

All these functions are great and must-haves, but are these features enough to label a nature camera “the best trail cam” available in the marketplace? The answer is “No.” 

An ideal cellular deer camera is way ahead of the game with its smart tagging and mapping features. These innovative features ensure that when you are up to deer hunting, you only focus on “deer.” No false triggers, no irrelevant images – everything is tagged and sorted.

If you are looking for a trail camera like this, you are at the right place. In this article, we will break down the features and functionalities of the Camojojo Cellular Trail Camera and what makes it ideal for deer hunting. 

1. Hassle-Free Video Sending & Playing

We all know that hunting is all about making prompt decisions. Camojojo cellular deer camera allows you to play videos instantly in your app without requesting HD. Instant video sending and playing empowers you to make quick as well as informed decisions about your hunting game. 

With this feature, hunters can quickly review the received footage without waiting for the HD videos to load. The feature saves you a lot of time as you can efficiently analyze the target’s movement and behavior in real time. This further helps you determine whether or not this particular animal is worth tracking. 

2. Smart Tagging and Mapping

Integrated smart tagging and mapping is the star feature of the Camojojo deer camera. The smart tagging feature categorizes all the images and videos in the statistics section of the app. The captured data is automatically updated with tags based on the subject matter, including buck, doe, bear, turkey, or even a vehicle or a person. 

Smart tagging keeps you organized and helps you analyze deer patterns over time. By understanding deer movements, hunters can efficiently plan their hunting strategy, which increases the likelihood of a successful deer hunt. 

Similarly, a complex mapping system allows you to pin key points of interest throughout the property. This feature helps you to map and plan your hunts by locating deer’s feeding areas, frequent trails, stands, and bedding locations. 

Simply put, smart mapping allows you to conduct thorough homework during the scouting phase, which helps you identify the perfect spots to home in on your target. 

3. Easy Setup

The NFC-equipped connectivity of Camojojo cellular deer cameras makes connection as easy as possible. It saves you from the hassle of scanning QR codes and lets you connect your phone by gently touching it with the camera. 

The quick and effortless connectivity helps deer hunters to install and set up the camera more effectively, saving them a lot of time and energy in the field.

Moreover, the “Auto” mode feature also facilitates proactive monitoring during scouting season. When the camera is not triggered, it automatically switches to “Eco Mode.” 

However, despite shifting to the power-saving mode, it still sends photos and videos to your app in real-time, so you won't miss anything important. Hence, this feature strikes a balance between user convenience and power consumption. 

4. Explore Feature to Connect with Fellow Deer Hunters

Camojojo cellular camera’s Explore feature provides a digital social platform for deer hunters. The feature makes deer hunting way more exciting as you can connect with like-minded people and fellow hunters to learn from each other’s experiences. 

It allows you to discover how others plan deer hunting, their explorations of scouting seasons, and much more. Besides, it also helps you explore new locations, private and public properties, and many deer hunting hotspots you were unaware of. 

5. Lightning Fast 0.02-Second Trigger Speed

Camojojo trail camera has a 0.02-second trigger speed as well as a precise PIR sensor. This combo not only captures swift deer movements but also minimizes the risk of false triggers. So, your gallery is not overfilled with blurred and useless images but sharp and clear visuals for better analysis. 

The industry-leading trigger speed ensures you don’t miss a crucial moment. It captures the deer right at the moment it enters the camera’s range so that you can track your target's movement and behavior pattern precisely. Hence, this feature enables you to improve your scouting and hunting strategies. 

6. Foldable Antenna & Flexible Holder 

The foldable antenna and flexible holder (35 vertical adjust) of Camojojo facilitate deer tracking in remote areas, where signal strength is usually weak. It ensures optimized connectivity by enhancing the reception and clear signal. 

With improved reception, deer hunters will get valuable real-time updates on deer movements without interruptions. 

7. Exceptional Night Time Photography

Camojojo’s deer camera with cellular has 80-foot night vision and cutting-edge image sensors, which provide 3K photos and 1080p videos, ensuring optimal nighttime photography. This feature makes it an ideal choice for deer hunters, as deers stay active during nighttime. 

So, HD nighttime recording allows you to identify the deer's behavior when the sun is down. Besides, it has a Low-Glow LED flash, which helps capture high-quality deer images without startling them in the dark. 

8. IP66 WaterProofing & Highly Resistant Operating Temperature

Camojojo trail camera IP66 waterproofing protects it from rain, snow, dust, and other effects of harsh weather conditions. On top of that, the camera has a wider-than-average operating temperature between -68 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Therefore, it ensures optimal performance in the most challenging and diverse environments. The durability allows you to install the camera in the harshest locations without fearing damage so that you can track even the rarest of bucks regardless of the environmental conditions. 

9. Real-time Live Streaming 

Camojojo cellular deer camera allows clean, real-time live streaming on the user’s mobile phone. The feature allows deer hunters to track and analyze deer patterns and frequent feeding areas; hence you can monitor the minute details of deer activity in real time. 

These features allow you to make instant adjustments to the hunting plans and tactics based on the target’s behavior changes. 

10. Built-in SD Card & SIM Card

Camojojo trail camera comes with a Built-in SD card and SIM card, so you don’t have to worry about buying a compatible SD and SIM card separately. The 32GB memory card allows deer hunters to keep records of the scouting season, which helps them big time during hunting. 

Currently, SIM cards are supported for AT&T cellular networks, so you only need to buy a convenient data plan and start utilizing the camera’s capabilities.

11. Data Plan & After Sales Support 

Besides all the exceptional features, the Camojojo deer camera with cellular provides an affordable monthly plan, so you can make the most of the top-notch functions without worrying about the cost. 

Data Plan Monthly

Basic $4.99

Elites $7.99

Premium $11.99

Also, Camojojo trail camera offers after-sales support and a two-year warranty. The warranty covers all sorts of defects, malfunctions, and other issues, ensuring a stress-free hunting and scouting experience. 

Key Takeaways

Camojojo trail camera’s features ensure seamless hunting and scouting experience. Be it smart identification tagging, HD live streaming, crystal clear nighttime recordings, or community building, Camojojo cellular deer camera has everything a deer hunter could wish for. Besides, in the off-season, the camera serves best as a surveillance camera for security purposes. 

Additionally, Camojojo also brings you a Grade-A solar panel, which enhances the camera’s efficiency with its non-stop power supply. It has a double-panel folding design and an internal rechargeable battery, allowing it to perform regardless of weather conditions. 


Do I need a cellular plan for my trail camera?

It depends on your specific needs. However, you must take a cellular plan for deer hunting as it requires remote monitoring and real-time updates for analyzing deer patterns. 

Moreover, when you are actively scouting, you may need immediate notifications to keep track of wildlife activity. Hence, cellular plans keep you updated about deer behavior. 

Are cellular deer cameras worth it?

Yes, cellular deer cameras are worth it when you buy them, keeping your specifications in mind. For deer hunting purposes, a camera must be capable of smart identification and tagging. Moreover, it should ensure real-time monitoring, clean nighttime photography, and uninterrupted updates about deer behavior. 

How far will a trail camera send pics to the phone?

It depends on various factors, including your camera’s model, wireless capabilities, camera placement, network coverage, and signal strength. All these aspects determine how far your trail camera will be able to send pics to the phone.

How do deer cameras work without WiFi?

Although a WiFi network is preferred for a deer camera’s optimal performance, there are many alternative ways to capture and store videos and images through trail cameras. 

Most nature cameras come with cellular networks. The cellular connectivity ensures real-time photos and video sending to the app; moreover, it also helps save data in the cloud system. Furthermore, built-in storage and solar panel connectivity ensure seamless functioning. 



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