4 Trail Camera with Live Feed for Hunting
Camojojo Video Cellular Trail Camera 4G LTE Deer Hunting

4 Trail Camera with Live Feed for Hunting

By Matthew | 24 April 2023 | 0 Comments
Maximize your hunting experience with live feed trail cameras, providing real-time tracking and capturing every moment, and discover the best options for your next adventure.

Trail cameras with live stream are trail cameras that allow hunters to have real-time access to images and videos on their remote devices. These live trail cameras transmit their live feed through wireless connections, such as 4G/LTE cellular networks or WiFi. So if you want to see what your trail camera sees in the field even without it being triggered, live stream trail cameras are the best. But that’s not the only reason the live-feed trail cameras are better than traditional trail cameras. They also give you remote access to your deer trail camera live and let you take faster action when you spot a game.

Overall, trail cameras with live feed provide hunters and wildlife enthusiasts with a more efficient and effective way to monitor and track games in the wild. This post talks about the best trail cameras with a live view the market has to offer and what makes them unique:


Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE

Spartan calls this live trail camera their “most advanced cellular scouting camera.” Here are some features that make this not too far-fetched:


Picture source: From Spartan webiste

  1. Detection Range

    The Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE camera boasts a detection range of up to 80 ft. With this, spotting wildlife from afar is much easier. The trail camera’s live feed also features a 4G/LTE cellular connection, which enables you to access live video and images from the camera anytime and anywhere. 

  2. Trigger Speed

    This deer trail camera has a live trigger speed between 0.4 – 0.5 seconds, making it faster than the average speed of traditional trail cameras (0.5 – 1.5 seconds). This means the lesser delay between motion detection and image capture lets you take pictures of fast-moving wildlife or other objects even while streaming.  

  3. Image & Video Quality

    The Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE live feed trail camera has HD size options that give you access to 4MP- 8MP image and video resolution. This is good for live streaming because it allows high-quality photos and videos to be transmitted in real-time. It is also helpful for wildlife monitoring, as it allows for better identification of animals and behavior. You can record videos of up to 30 seconds on it. 

  4. Storage Capacity

    Longer video recordings at HD-high video quality might have you worried about storage. Still, it’s not a problem because the Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE live trail camera has a storage capacity of 128 GB, much higher than the standard 32 GB storage other trail cameras offer. This trail camera with live view is also compatible with Spartan’s camera management app: you can access your images and videos, control your camera’s settings from your mobile device, and transmit your videos and photos. 

  5. Battery Life

    Trail cameras with live feed might consume more power than traditional cameras, but you don’t have to worry about this. This live stream trail camera has internal and external power supplies –  a built-in Lithium-ion cell and 12 AA batteries. The Spartan GoLive trail camera has a long battery life, but you can also augment it with Spartan’s GoLive solar kit. 

Trail cameras with live views can be costlier than the traditional tail camera, so it can be painful to lose them. So it may necessary for you to get a security box for the live trail camera since it is compatible, making it harder to steal.

Camojojo Trace - Live Trail Cam

Live streaming has been easier with the Camojojo Trace - Live Trail Cam. Asides from the image and video quality being top-notch, some other features make this deer live trail camera something to look out for:

Learn more about this live trail camera

You can see wildlife on the Camojojo’s live trail camera’s feed from as far as 80 ft, even at night. The low-glow LED flash the camera has doesn’t disturb your game, so you don’t have to worry about it disturbing your streaming and chasing your game away.

  1. Trigger Speed

    The Camojojo Trace - Live Trail Cam offers one of the fastest trigger speeds a live feed trail camera can provide at 0.2 seconds with 1-3 shot choices that detect motion faster and lets you capture clearer and better pictures. This also improves the real-time live streaming function of the deer trail camera since live images and videos are more precise and are delivered to your device faster.

  2. Image & Video Quality

    This trail camera with live feed has a frame rate count of 30 fps. This means that streaming on the Camojojo Trace - Live Trail Cam is cleaner and smoother as your eyes can quickly adapt to this frame rate count. This deer trail camera also lets you take live 3k images of wildlife. And the trail camera’s live feed also comes with sound, so you can hear the sound your game makes even before you see it. You can also access your pictures and videos on Camojojo’s mobile app. The best part is that sending videos consumes the same data plan balance as sending photos, considerably minimizing your spending on data.

  3. Storage Capacity

    Unlike other live trail cameras that require you to buy an SD card before enjoying good storage of your videos and pictures, the Camojojo Trace - Live Trail Cam has a built-in 32 GB memory card that does the job for you. So you can store images and recordings when you aren’t streaming.

  4. Battery Life

    The Camojojo Trace - Live Trail Cam can be powered by 12 AA alkaline or lithium batteries and coupled with Camojojo’s external solar polar for added power. The live feed trail camera is compatible with Camojojo's Solar Power Pack, which can provide an additional power source to extend battery life. 

The Camojojo Trace - Live Trail Cam is NFC-powered, making connecting your camera to your mobile device and setting it up seamless. This is a convenient way to view or share images in the field without physically connecting your camera to your device. You also don’t need to buy a sim card for this camera because it has a built-in sim card supporting AT&T. The design of this deer tail camera lets you set up live in the harshest of environments; its IP66 design protects it from snow, rain, and dust. It also has a GPS that lets you track the weather and geotag your images, so you’ll always be able to find where they were taken. 

Bushnell CelluCORE Live Cellular Trail Camera

If you love your live trail camera feeds to be as clear as possible, check out the Bushnell CelluCORE Live Cellular Trail Camera. It has the following features and more:

Picture source: From Bushnell webiste

  • Detection Range

    The Bushnell CelluCORE Live Cellular Trail Camera also boasts a detection range of 100 ft that lets you see your game from afar. This live feed trail camera also comes with High output No Glow IR LED, so they do not produce any visible flash or glow when activated. It also helps to prevent the detection of the deer trail camera live by animals or humans. But not only that, they can provide high-quality images or videos even in complete darkness. The live trail camera’s feed lets you stream and capture photos or videos of nocturnal animals that may be more active at night.

  • Image & Video Quality

    This Bushnell’s deer live trail camera has an image resolution of 32 MP. Its 1080p HD video resolution lets you stream your game live. Plus, you could record videos of up to 30 seconds in length. This live-view trail camera lets you see your game and hear the sounds. Its dual-sim connectivity lets you quickly view images and videos on your remote device.

  • Storage Capacity

    If you’d love to take many pictures and video recordings, this live trail camera might not satisfy your need because it has only 32 GB storage capacity, much lower than Spartan’s. But it is a small price to pay for the other features the Bushnell CelluCORE Live Cellular Trail Camera offers, especially if it's the live-streaming function of the camera you are after. It doesn’t fall short in this aspect. It also has GPS geotagging, which helps you keep track of the pinpoint location of your image or video.

  • Battery Life

    The Bushnell CelluCORE Live Cellular Trail Camera uses 12 AA batteries and has a removable battery tray. Bushnell says the battery can last up to 6 months when used in normal conditions, which is a long time of uninterrupted streaming. Couple it with a solar kit; you might not have to worry about changing its batteries. 

Spartan GoLive M 4G/LTE

The first question that’ll likely come to your mind is,” what makes the Spartan GoLive M 4G/LTE different from the Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE?” Spartan GoLive M 4G/LTE is the updated version of Spartan’s live trail camera. It uses Spartan Shared Data, allowing you to share your data plan with multiple cameras simultaneously.  With this, you won’t have to worry about available cellular providers as it can connect to various carriers.  It also has a Free-To-Roam in the USA service that allows you to connect to major carriers in the USA without roaming charges. Other prominent features include:

Picture source: From Spartan webiste

  • Detection Range

    This trail camera with a live view also detects wildlife as far as 80 ft away, even at night, making live streaming as seamless as possible. At this distance, you can better understand the patterns and behaviors of the animals you are tracking, which can improve your chances of a successful hunt.

  • Trigger Speed

    The trigger speed of the Spartan GoLive M 4G/LTE is between 0.4 – 0.5 seconds same as the Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE, so you can be sure that it’ll capture fast-moving wildlife and objects just as effectively. This live feed trail camera reduces the likelihood of missing the target or only catching part of the animal.

  • Image & Video Quality

    The 4MP-8MP image and video resolution of the live trail camera lets you see crystal clear photos on the camera and stream high-quality videos with great detail. With this, you can better view the wildlife you monitor and capture finer details such as fur patterns, antler growth, or other features that can help track and identify. 

  • Storage Capacity

    The Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE also comes with 128 GB standard storage, so you can store large and many pictures and videos. With a 128 GB storage capacity, you can record and stream for extended periods without worrying about the camera reaching its storage limit. This also means you won't have to constantly retrieve your camera to transfer the data to a separate device or clear the storage.

  • Battery Life

    Like the Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE, the Spartan GoLive M 4G/LTE is powered by two sources – built-in internal lithium and 12 external AA batteries to last you for months with regular usage. Couple it with a solar kit; you might not have to charge it for years. 

This live feed trail camera is also compatible with Spartan’s camera management app, so you can control your camera’s settings from your mobile device and transmit your videos and photos.


1. How does live streaming work on trail cameras?

Live streaming on trail cameras typically uses a cellular or Wi-Fi network to transmit images and videos to a user's smartphone, tablet, or other devices in real time. You can then view or download the footage remotely without visiting the camera.

2. What kind of network coverage do I need for live streaming?

The type of network coverage you need for live streaming will depend on the specific camera and network provider you are using. Generally, you will need a robust and reliable cellular or Wi-Fi network where the camera is located to ensure smooth and uninterrupted live streaming.

3. How long will the battery last on a live-streaming trail camera?

The battery life of a live-streaming trail camera will depend on various factors, including the camera's power management system, the quality and frequency of the live streaming, and the type of batteries used. In general, live streaming can be power-intensive, so choosing a camera with a robust battery system is crucial.

4. Can I control the camera remotely when using live streaming?

Many trail cameras with live streaming capabilities also offer remote control functionality, allowing you to adjust camera settings, trigger intervals, and other features remotely using your smartphone or other devices.


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