Best Trail Cameras Under $100
Camojojo Video Cellular Trail Camera 4G LTE Deer Hunting

Best Trail Cameras Under $100

By Matthew | 17 May 2023 | 0 Comments
Looking for a trail camera on a budget? Check out these top options for the best trail cameras under $100, which offer a variety of features to suit different needs.

5 trail cameras available for under $100 that you may want to consider:

You never want to miss the action with wildlife, hunting, and surveillance! Trail cameras are your eyes in the woods, and just as we take the best care of our eyes, we must choose the best. The best trail cameras should have a prolonged battery life, a user-friendly interface, and sordid nighttime photography. These features might make the trail camera expensive; however, you shouldn't break the bank for good quality. If you're on a budget and looking for the best trail cameras under $100, the options may seem limited, but quality choices are still available. You don't have to compromise on fast triggers and high-resolution images even on a budget.

Camojojo Trace - Best trail camera under $100 for live feed

The real kickers with this camera:

  • Live feed from your phone

  • Best night vision

  • Play all the videos without paying

Camojojo Trace is one of the best trail cameras under $100 and offers live feed capabilities, making it an excellent option for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and surveillance purposes. The camera provides premium night vision allowing you to see even at the darkest hour of the night. It also has a fantastic motion sensor that senses even the slightest movement.

One more thing that makes this camera special is the cellular connectivity. Cellular connectivity allows easy access to pictures and videos in real-time. The camera has a built-in sim card and does not require activation before use. With this, you can connect the camera to your device and view the sightings live from your phone. You only need to download the camojojo application on your smartphone and connect your camera to the phone. The Camojojo best live camera takes pictures in less than 0.2s. At this time, it captures about three shots that show the exact motions detected. The trigger distance is 20 meters; it can capture even the faraway movements seen.

The camera allows up to 365 days of cloud storage, animal tracking, smart mapping, and extended battery life. Every hunter or surveillant hits a gold mine with this camera. The Cloud storage lets you look back on photos and videos whenever necessary. The animal tracking functionality allows easy identification of animals. The movement patterns exhibited by wildlife are tracked and documented. Then the smart mapping effect uses weather conditions, temperature, animal movement, and moon phase to help you plan your next hunt. At the same time, the extended battery life allows more prolonged periods of use. The Camojojo app builds a community of hunters, allowing easy connections and the exchange of videos and photos from hunts. The camera is easy to set up and activate but has a set-up manual to guide the buyer. It is compatible with the camojojo solar panel to offer more power and a source of green renewable energy to sustain your camera's battery. It also has an IP66 waterproof rating and in-build 32 GB storage.

Potential downside: For a camera under $100, this camera is only working with AT&T network providers for now. Other than that, it is an excellent exchange for your money and would serve you best.



Bushnell celluCORE 20MP Cellular Trail Camera- Best Camera with Strong connection signal

Picture link:

Top features of this camera:

  • Works with AT&T and Verizon network providers

  • Live viewing from a phone with the cellular connection

  • Durable battery life

Bushnell has been in the business of making great trail cams for over 65 years. The Bushnell celluCORE 20MP is another one of their timely and affordable trail cams. This camera is primarily known for good pictures in low-light conditions. It has a no-glow infrared flash and a low glow 36 LED that gives up to 80 feet night range. This feature also allows you to capture the animals in their habitat without scaring them off. The camera has a vital 20MP sensor that captures clear pictures and great videos even from a distance.

It also has a cellular connection and supports AT&T and Verizon sim cards. This gives it a more versatile use as remote viewing is made possible with a cellular connection. You do not have to be in the woods to watch nature and its inhabitants. You can easily access the camera's view from comfort using the phone app. The camera has a rugged outer structure and can withstand harsh weather conditions while surviving the test of time. It uses 12 AA batteries which you can use for up to six months. The camera has a trigger speed of about 0.3 seconds, ensuring that every moment is captured.

This trail cam is affordable, under $100, showing you can get excellent quality on a budget. So if you want to scout the woods at night from your home, this trail cam is the best choice for you!

Potential drawback: The model does not have a set-up screen for viewing

Source: From Amazon.


Bushnell 119717CW Trophy Trail Camera- Best night vision

Picture link:

Top selling points:

  • Excellent night vision

  • Good battery life

  • Simultaneously records video and pictures.

This Bushnell 119717CW trophy trail camera comes from a line of Bushnell's carefully thought-out trail cam designs. As Bushnell has been in the game of manufacturing trail cams for decades, you can trust that their designs and camera models offer the best qualities. This camera provides clear images during the day and at night time. It is economical, with a sensor range of 80 feet and a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds. The economic value does not compromise the picture or video quality, as the photo has a resolution of 20 megapixels. The set-up also makes it a brilliant choice because it is one of the easiest cams to set up. You need not adjust the resolution to fit day or night light. The camera automatically adjusts and uses a 32 LED night vision flash to capture moments in the dark without chasing the animal away.

Regarding storage space, this camera can function with a memory card of up to 32 GB. But you will have to purchase this separately as it does not come with the package. In addition to items that do not come with the package are the 8 AA batteries that would power the camera. These batteries can last for six months of active use before changing. You can adjust the camera to include time, date, and temperature stamps on the videos and photos taken for tracking purposes. The user can change the range of the passive infrared sensor, the time between triggers, the multi-image mode, and the resolution of the video image.

However, you can only stay within the maximum limits for all these features. The camera is not cellular but uses a wireless radio transmitter that sends the videos to the user's screen. The screen or monitor is the user's access route to the videos or photos taken.

Potential drawback: Slight overexposure has been observed in pictures taken during the daytime.

Source: From Amazon.


Alpha Cam premium outdoor Trail Camera- Fastest motion trigger and recovery rate

Picture link:

Best features:

  • 0.2s trigger speed and 1s recovery rate

  • Awesome night vision

  • Coloured viewing screen for pictures and videos

The AlphaCam Premium Outdoor Trail Camera is an advanced camera that captures high-quality images and videos of wildlife and outdoor activities. This camera boasts a 30-megapixel sensor, capturing stunningly clear and detailed photos and videos.

The camera has a fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, capturing images and videos as the action occurs. This feature ensures you can keep full watch and not miss a thing, whether a shy deer or a speeding car. In addition, the camera has a detection range of up to 65 feet, making capturing images and videos of wildlife from a safe distance easier.

The AlphaCam Premium Outdoor Trail Camera has a 1080p HD video recorder that can take explicit, high-quality videos. It also has a low-glow infrared flash to capture images and videos in low-light conditions without disturbing wildlife. This feature lets you capture more natural and genuine footage as you can get the animals without startling them.

Eight AA batteries power the camera and can last up to six months on a set of batteries, depending on how often you use it. It also has a large storage capacity of up to 128 GB, allowing you to capture and store more photos and videos.

The manufacturers of this Alpha trail cam designed it using weather-resistant materials, making it suitable for use in harsh outdoor conditions. Its durable build and camouflage design allow it to blend in with its surroundings and reduce the risk of being spotted or tampered with.

This advanced and reliable camera takes high-quality photos and videos and works well for a long time. It is an excellent, pocket-friendly tool for anyone who wants to capture stunning wildlife footage or keep an eye on their hunting while maintaining a budget below $100.

Potential drawback: Some records have shown that the batteries don’t last too long. Probably because the motion senses and takes pictures of straying branches in the camera’s field of view.

Source: From Amazon.


Spypoint Flex Trail Camera- Best portable and discreet camera

Picture link:

The unique qualities of this camera are:

  • Portable and easy to hide

  • Dual-sim cellular connection

  • Reliable GPS ability

The Spypoint Flex camera is a portable trail cam with mind-blowing night vision. The camera does not simply use a sim card to connect to the carrier but has dual sim capability. This feature makes it a better option for some hunters. The camera also prides itself on having a 33-megapixel camera and a detection range of 100 feet. At night, the flash helps brighten things up; with that, the nighttime pictures look as great as the daytime ones. The Spypoint Flex is one of the easiest cams to set up and use. It has buttons to set up the camera and test it after mounting it to ensure it works. The 1080p videos help you experience the motions as though you were present. The videos have clear sounds and good picture quality, making them more enjoyable to watch. Although, there is an additional cost for receiving full HD videos.

The woods might not be friendly, especially to new hunters, but this camera helps you understand the animals from a distance. It enables you to study wildlife behavior before venturing into the woods. With this camera, connectivity is not a problem. The dual-sim ports allow you to use any network provider of your choice. That way, you can switch to another when one loses transmission. In addition to the dual sim for connectivity, this trail cam has an antenna and is GPS enabled. You could always track the photos to a particular location and send them to the linked cell phone. The camera works with eight AA batteries lasting up to six months under fair usage conditions. The trigger speed is about 0.5 seconds, and with the flash and pixel strength, you can rest easy and expect only the best.

Our trail camera list shows you do not have to settle for poor quality when on a budget. All the cameras discussed above offer great value and are below $100. Various manufacturers have spent years of research and hours in production to make these cameras. Using durable materials, they have produced devices with different strengths depending on the intended application.

Potential drawback: The app only shows low-quality videos unless you subscribe and download the HD videos.

Source: From Amazon.



What to look out for when buying a trail camera?

When buying a trail camera, you should check the trigger speed, the connectivity options available, the detection range, and the camera's ability to detect movement. For a camera you would use at night, you will also want to check the reach of the flash. And most importantly, you must consider the picture and video quality of the camera.

How many megapixels is suitable for a trail camera?

10-20 megapixels are ideal for a trail camera.

Can trail cameras under $100 deliver good photo and video quality?

Yes, several trail cameras under $100 offer premium photo and video quality. Though, some have better quality during the day than at night.

Can I use a trail camera for under $100 for surveillance purposes?

Yes, you can use trail cameras under $100 for surveillance. For effective monitoring, you need to consider the placement of the camera, the photo and video quality, and the camera's battery life.


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