• 4K Smart Bird Feeder with Camera
  • 4K Smart Bird Feeder with Camera
  • 4K Smart Bird Feeder with Camera
  • 4K Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

4K Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

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  • 4K Smart Bird Feeder with Camera
  • 4K Smart Bird Feeder with Camera
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Are you an evian enthusiast looking to step your bird watching game up? Well, we have the solution for you, the HiBird smart bird feeder. The all-in-one HiBird smart bird feeder seamlessly merges the functions of a traditional bird feeder, a wireless camera, and a smartphone app. 

Smart Bird-Watching Process

So, now you’re wondering, how exactly does the smart bird feeder with camera work? How can it help you in your bird watching process?

How We Make You Know Birds When They Come: AI Recognition at Your Fingerprints

The HiBird smart bird feeder camera is AI-driven that can help you identify up to 13,000 different bird species that come to your feeder. No more need for tedious searching in field guides or struggling to recognize birds. This smart bird feeder with camera does the difficult work for you, quickly recognizing the birds and showing their names on your smartphone.

Bird Arrival Notifications

The HiBird Smart Bird Feeder with camera offers identification features and instant notifications whenever a bird visits, allowing you to witness nature's beauty in real-time. The camera does this through its unbeatable connectivity. 

It has a 5dBi antenna that works with a 2.4 and 5 Ghz wifi connections. This allows you to stay connected to your camera through your phone, regardless of where you are.The smart bird feeder camera's connectivity ensures you are always connected and never miss a moment.

The wireless connectivity also encourages uninterrupted bird watching sessions, allowing you to watch all the different avian creatures that come your way with ease.

Live Streaming in 4K video quality

Want to take your bird watching to the next level? Use the Camojojo app to livestream the camera feed from the feeder and fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of birds in 4k video quality. 

Another impressive feature of this AI smart bird feeder with camera is the two-way audio, that enables you to engage in virtual conversations with the birds. You can also use the two-way audio to attract different bird species by playing bird calls or scare away unwanted guests like squirrels with alarm sounds. You can listen to their beautiful chirps and even respond to them, creating a truly immersive experience that brings you closer to nature.

Smart Bird Encyclopedia for Learning

Our Smart AI Recognition Bird Feeder is designed to help you know more about the birds in your area, acting like an avian encyclopedia that helps you identify birds. This makes it easy for you to know about any of the birds that come by your feeder. You can use the identification feature to know the name of the birds, what they eat, their habits and more. 

We take the smart bird feeder camera to the next level through Dr. Bird. Dr. Bird is an AI communication system that you can use to answer any questions you may have about the birds. By tapping on a bird's name on your device, you can access detailed information about its habitat, diet, behavior, and more. This feature provides a virtual bird expert you can consult anytime. This is a never before seen type of technology that provides you with all the information you might need about the birds that come to your feeder.

HiBird transforms birdwatching into a shared experience by offering 360 days of free cloud storage. With the Camojojo App, you can invite unlimited friends to your birdwatching album, allowing them to view live bird feeds or browse through your photos and videos. Whether it's a rare sighting or a beautiful sunrise, HiBird lets you bring your friends along on your birdwatching journey. 

The AI-powered camera feeder also allows you to curate a collection of the bird species you've observed, giving you the chance to document and share your experiences with fellow bird enthusiasts.

Other Features Ensure Your Bird Watching

With AI recognition, an avian encyclopedia, and free cloud features, the HiBird Smart Bird Feeder offers various functionalities that enhance your birdwatching experience. 

1. User Friendly And Easy To Maintain

HiBird is designed to be easy and convenient in every aspect. Its interface is user-friendly for setup and use, and the feeder is detachable for easy cleaning. With a 1.5L (50.7 oz) capacity, the feeder doesn't need frequent refills, and the adjustable perch accommodates birds of all sizes. With HiBird, you can spend more time enjoying birdwatching and less time on maintenance.

3. Clear Pictures

Boasting a 10-60s 4K high resolution and 32 MP camera, HiBird offers very clear images. Featuring a Sony sensor and advanced DSP noise reduction, the HiBird guarantees strikingly sharp and vibrant images, perfect for capturing the beauty of birds in fine detail. 

4. Supports Multi-Device Connections

This outdoor bird feeder is equipped with multi-device connectivity, allowing you to connect and view the feed from multiple phones. You can easily share the experience with your loved ones, creating a bird community with shared content. The accompanying app enables you to save and share your photos and videos, making it the ideal smart bird feeder with a camera.

5. WiFi Connectivity

The HiBird Smart Bird Feeder comes with an equipped 5dBi Antenna and supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections that provide a reliable and smooth connection. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted bird-watching no matter where you are. Always remain connected to the birds with HiBird's strong connectivity features.


What Is A Smart Bird Feeder?

A smart bird feeder is an innovative device that combines the allure of a bird feeder with a wireless camera, sensors, and a mobile app, enabling users to view recorded footage of the feeder's activity without constant monitoring.

What Is The Use Of A Bird Feeder?

Bird feeders provide a convenient and enjoyable way to observe birds and engage with nature. They also serve as a supplemental food source for birds in your yard or garden. Different kinds of birds are drawn to different types of feeders and foods.

How Do You Use A Smart Bird Feeder With Camera?

To use a smart bird feeder with a camera, first set up the feeder in your desired location. Connect the feeder to your home Wi-Fi network and install the accompanying app on your smartphone or tablet. Use the app to view the live feed and remotely control options such as dispensing food or adjusting camera settings.

How Do You Make A Bird Feeder For A School Project?

You will need a few materials to make a bird feeder for a school project. Start by cutting a large hole in the front of a milk carton. Attach a perch below the hole, and poke two small holes on the opposite side to hang the feeder. Fill it with birdseed and hang it up outside.

What Do You Need To Make A Bird Feeder?

To make a bird feeder, you will need a container such as a wooden box or plastic bottle, bird food such as seeds or suet, string or wire to hang the feeder, and tools like scissors or a drill to create openings for the birds to access the food.


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