4K Birdhouse Camera with Night Vision & Wireless Streaming

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Birds have always fascinated us with their vibrant plumage, enchanting songs, and graceful flight. Yet, much of their daily lives remain hidden from our view, concealed within the branches of trees or the cozy confines of birdhouses. Bird enthusiasts and curious nature lovers alike will be captivated by the tales these tiny cameras for bird house have to tell.

Camojojo Hibird birdhouse with camera is different from your ordinary backyard accessory. It gives a front-seat view of the lives of birds. It's a weather-resistant, high-resolution lens into the secret lives of birds, and when paired with the Dr. Bird app, the experience becomes extraordinary. Together, they offer a window into a world filled with vibrant plumage, melodic songs, and fascinating behaviors.

Camojojo Hibird WiFi Birdhouse Camera

The Hibird camera for birdhouse is designed to provide a clear view of birds while allowing them to live peacefully in their habitat. The camera houses several features that make it one of the best in today’s market. This birdhouse surveillance system works with an AI system that identifies about 13,000 different species of birds, making sure that you learn about each specie as you capture them.  


Ultra-HD Video & Images

  • 4K video at 120FPS shows birds in stunning, cinematic quality

  • 32MP photos reveal the most delicate details of plumage

Intelligent Identification

  • Recognizes over 1000 bird species with 90% accuracy

  • Logs all the species visiting your feeder

Entertainment & Education

  • Enjoy watching feathered friends in their natural habitat

  • Learn about species and behaviors with the AI assistant

Convenience & Connectivity

  • Get real-time alerts on your smartphone whenever birds visit

  • Share special sightings with friends and fellow bird lovers

Slow-Motion Video

  • 4X room slow motion

  • See intricate details of bird movements

Long Battery Life

  • 10000mAh battery for hours of continuous birdwatching

  • Option to add solar panel for sustainable power

Easy Maintenance

  • Detachable feeder design enables quick cleaning

  • Spend more time birdwatching, less time on upkeep


The Camojojo Hibird is crafted with a unobtrusive camera systems with motion detection, it fits perfectly into birdhouses, preserving the birds' peace. This makes it great for bird lovers who want to observe birds naturally. What makes the camera stand out is its strong build, capable of handling outdoor conditions. This durability guarantees year-round reliability, which is essential for birdwatchers capturing bird activity in all weather.

The image quality of Hibird is another top feature. With its 10-60 second 4K high-resolution lens and 32-megapixel capability, it captures vibrant, sharp, and detailed bird images. The presence of a Sony sensor and DSP noise reduction further enhances image clarity, resulting in brighter colors that beautifully showcase the intricacies of bird beauty. Each frame is a masterpiece, making the review of recorded footage a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

If you would like to catch the tiniest bird behaviour, the slow-motion and zoom features will work perfectly for you. You can see every flutter in high-definition.

Worried about how to set up? This camera-equip bird house with HD camera is easy to set up. The step-by-step guide is easy for anyone to follow and cleaning the feeder has also been simplified. The feeder is 1.5L and requires less frequent refills so you can rest easy and watch the birds without the burden of frequent clean ups. 

Hibird also offers versatile connectivity options. Users can connect the camera to their smartphones or other devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With a high-performing 5dBi antenna, this birdhouse camera offers 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections. This real-time connectivity enables remote monitoring, ensuring you never miss bird activity. 

You can also connect with as many friends as possible and share live bird feeds, videos, and images you have saved. It also simplifies the retrieval of recorded content, making it easy to share your avian discoveries with fellow enthusiasts no matter how far away they are. 

One more thing about this Bird house cam is the battery. It is powered by a long-lasting 10000mAh battery, ensuring extended operation between charges. However, for those who wish to extend battery life and reduce the need for manual recharging, Camojojo offers a dedicated solar panel accessory. With the solar panel, you can forget about troubles with power. It is an eco-friendly solution to power crisis.

With the Camojojo Hibird, users can receive alerts on their devices whenever the camera detects bird activity, ensuring you never miss a critical moment. It also boasts a two-way audio feature. This two-way audio allows you to play bird calls to attract the attention of species or send alarms to scare unwanted animals away. 

HiBird-Your smart birdhouse camera

The Camojojo app, featuring Dr. Bird, is a game-changer for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. This AI-powered birding companion and encyclopedia are transforming how we interact with and learn about our feathered friends.   

Bird Identification

At the heart of Dr. Bird's functionality lies its bird identification feature. Simply snap a photo of a bird and let the AI work its magic. Dr. Bird can swiftly and accurately identify the species, even distinguishing between similar-looking birds. It's like having an ornithologist in your pocket. With about 13,000 species of birds worldwide, you would need a companion to help differentiate each. 

Extensive Bird Encyclopedia

It doesn’t stop at identification alone. Dr. Bird boasts an extensive bird encyclopedia that's constantly updated with the latest information. Whether you're curious about a bird's habitat, migration patterns, diet, or unique characteristics, the app provides comprehensive profiles for each species. It's a treasure trove of avian knowledge right at your fingertips.

Customized Birding Experience with Dr. Bird

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned birder, Dr. Bird offers educational content tailored to your level of expertise. Brush up on birdwatching basics, learn advanced techniques, or delve into conservation efforts and ornithological research.

To gain access to Dr. Bird, you simply have to download the app, and then you can get lost in the wonderful bird-watching world. With knowledge of several species and insights into their behavioral patterns and habitats, you can learn to be a somewhat professional ornithologist. 

The AI-enabled birdhouse camera feeder allows you to curate a collection of observed species and share a more robust experience with other enthusiasts and friends. 


How do I set up the birdhouse camera?

Setting up the birdhouse camera is straightforward. You'll need to secure it inside a birdhouse with a clear view of the nest or bird activity. Ensure the camera is well-protected from the elements, and power it up according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Will the birdhouse camera disturb the birds or interfere with their habits?

The birdhouse camera is designed to minimize disturbance. It is incorporated into a smart bird feeder; therefore its presence is hidden and allows birds to go about their normal activities without undue stress. However, it's essential to place the camera strategically and avoid excessive noise or movement during installation. Additionally, ensure the birdhouse is appropriately positioned to maintain the birds' privacy and comfort.

How does the Dr. Bird AI assistant identify bird species accurately?

Dr. Bird employs advanced machine learning and computer vision algorithms to identify bird species from photos. It analyzes vital features like plumage patterns, colors, beak shape, and size, cross-referencing these traits with a vast database of bird species to provide accurate identifications. Continuous learning and updates ensure its identification capabilities remain current and precise.

Can I control the bird house feeder remotely?

Yes, you can control many smart bird feeders remotely through companion apps on your smartphone or tablet. These apps allow you to monitor bird activity, adjust feeding schedules, receive notifications, and access features like bird identification and educational content from anywhere with an internet connection.


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