• Camojojo HiBird Video Bird Feeder
  • Camojojo HiBird Video Bird Feeder
  • Camojojo HiBird Video Bird Feeder
  • Camojojo HiBird Video Bird Feeder

Camojojo HiBird Video Bird Feeder

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  • Camojojo HiBird Video Bird Feeder
  • Camojojo HiBird Video Bird Feeder
  • Description

Discover the HiBird, a cutting-edge video bird feeder that revolutionizes birdwatching. Offering unrivaled detail, this smart video bird feeder captures every feathered moment in high definition, transforming your backyard into an interactive haven for bird watching technology enthusiasts. Experience nature like never before with HiBird's state-of-the-art features.

1. High Quality Picture/Video with Audio:

  • Sony Sensor

  • Video Settings: 4K, 2K, 1080P, 720P

  • Photo Settings: 32MP, 16MP, 8MP, 3MP

  • DSP Noise Reduction

Central to HiBird's impressive imaging capabilities is the trusted Sony Sensor. This sensor ensures each backyard moment is captured with clarity, truly bringing out the nuances of bird behaviors and colors. With diverse video settings available, you can choose from 4K for those close-up observations or other resolutions like 2K, 1080P, and 720P depending on your preferences—all stored in the handy MP4 (H.265) format.

To complement video capabilities, the HiBird offers a range of photo settings suitable for both amateur birdwatchers and serious ornithologists. Depending on the detail you seek, options vary from a detailed 32MP down to a quick 3MP snap. And, for those moments when you're nestled in your patio chair, sipping coffee, and listening to the melodious chirps, the DSP Noise Reduction ensures that unwanted ambient sounds stay out of your recordings, providing a purer, more immersive birdwatching experience.

2. Clear Observations Day and Night:

  • 90° Lens

  • Full Color Night Video with White LED

The HiBird video bird feeder's 90° lens ensures a distortion-free view of every bird visiting your backyard, capturing every detail from the smallest sparrow to the grandeur of hawks. This feature offers users an accurate and clear representation of each bird species.

Even when the sun sets, your bird watching doesn't have to pause. With HiBird's full-color night video feature powered by a white LED, you can observe and appreciate bird activities in vivid color throughout the night. This ensures continuous bird watching experiences, capturing every moment of avian life, day or night.

3. Enhancing the Observation Experience:

  • Dynamic AI-Powered Zoom (1X to 4X)

  • Slow Motion

Incorporating state-of-the-art AI technology, the HiBird video bird feeder has revolutionized the bird observation landscape. As users zoom from 1X to 4X to spotlight their avian guests, the AI ensures that the bird remains the primary focus, adjusting the zoom as needed. This eliminates the need for repeated manual corrections and allows bird enthusiasts to be wholly engrossed in the beauty and behaviors of their feathered visitors.

The inclusion of a Slow Motion feature, operating at a robust 120 frames per second, ensures that even when videos are slowed down, the clarity remains uncompromised. By doing so, users are afforded the chance to discern even the minutest details, uncovering surprising or amusing moments in bird behavior. These unexpected glimpses can transform ordinary birdwatching into a captivating and enjoyable activity in your backyard.

4. Interactive Two-Way Audio

HiBird's two-way audio feature enhances your birdwatching experience, allowing you to actively communicate with the birds during live streaming. While observing the avian visitors in real-time, you can use your voice to make soft calls or mimic bird sounds.

However, in cases where a squirrel ventures near your bird feeder, you can utilize your voice effectively to deter it. This dual-purpose feature guarantees that your birdwatching sessions continue without interruption from unwanted intruders, maintaining a serene environment for both you and the avian visitors in your backyard. 

5. Live Nature Streaming:

- Real-time Streaming

HiBird introduces real-time streaming, providing you with a direct connection to the wonders of nature. Whether it's the lively chirping of early morning birds or the tranquil calls of dusk, this feature allows you to stream every sound and movement directly from the video bird feeder. This practical capability ensures that you can stay engaged with your birdwatching experience, no matter where you are. It offers a genuine and immersive way to connect with the world of feathered friends, allowing you to enjoy birdwatching even when you're far from your backyard.

Other Specifications of HiBird Video Bird Feeder

  • AI Bird Identification: Up to 13,000 species

  • Wi-Fi: 5dBi Antenna, 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi

  • Feeder Capacity: 1.5L (50.7 oz)

  • Battery: 10000mAh

  • Compatible to Solar Panel: Yes

  • Real-Time Notifications: Yes

  • Cloud Storage: 360 days

  • Adjustable Perch: Yes

  • Detachable feeder: Easy for clean


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